The Hand

In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was out a play this week with my family and my mother looked at my hands. The palms of my hands showed evidence of transformation into muppet status. They were turning blue, green and pink from colouring eggs with the children for snack. The top of my hand was adorn with mehndi from celebrating the year with the parents in the parent group program. The juxtaposition of the two was a startling contrast. Such is the life of a preschool teacher. My hands are an integral part of who I am and what I do.

My hands start the day making lunches for my children so they can have a energy filled afternoon and are able to complete their day with the best possible advantage. I then use my hands to make my breakfast, collect my things and drive to work. My hands are used to carry objects, open doors, and to tidy places. They are used in conversation, to express emotion, ruffle hair, tie little shoes, zip and button coats, help with mitts and hats, hold onto backpacks and guide little people into safe direction.

Circle time my hands are used for song actions and finger plays. My hands are used for sign language to bridge the gap between visual perception and verbal language not understood. My hands give signals for actions well done, Thumbs up! And actions that should cease, Stop! The language of hands is more powerful than the language of words. The silence in between is meaningful and pronounced.

Hands are used for creating and expressing self, building out of need, or for supplying food.

This week we used them for colouring eggs, cutting pictures, glueing sequences together and feeding ourselves.

Helping hand can be metaphorical or literal. The Scarecrow Festival supports ABC Head Start with a helping hand  in both a metaphorical role and a literal role. The money raised helps support the various programs from the classroom to parent group and support. The volunteer support from Scarecrow Festival and the community lends a helping hand that can not be measured in terms of objects. In fact it cannot be measured on a scale or by a ruler either. It is measured in terms of value. The kind of value that makes a person sigh with relief, or laugh with glee. It supports the way a hand feels as a pat on the back or a gentle rub on the arm. Scarecrow volunteers hold hands of the families in the program, the pebble is dropped and a the ripple effect goes on forever.

How do you use your hands?

By supporting fundraising events like Scarecrow Festival and Magic and Masquerade Gala, you are assisting the Staff at ABC Head Start to ensure the children can receive all the helping hands possible to have success in learning and in life. Consider Volunteering for the festival by contacting Brenda at or make an effort to attend the 20th anniversary of Scarecrow Festival October 12-14, 2012 at Northland’s Edmonton Expo Centre. It’s a family friendly event for children of all ages!

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