The Cat’s Cradle

At the end of the day, I stood in the hallway supervising those ABC Head Start Cuties as they collected their winter gear to take back into the classroom. Some guy Downtown thought is was a great idea to standardize all coat hooks for Public Schools. Those coat hooks are MILES too high for the short people I work with, so there is me assisting the children in retrieving their winter things.

If you have ever spent any significant time with preschoolers, you can appreciate the length of time it takes them to walk from their cubbies, across the classroom and directly into the hallway 3 feet. It takes FOREVER! As they straggle out one at a time, I have the opportunity to visit with ABC Head Start Alumni from years perviously. The Grade 4 classroom has quite a significant amount of alumni who come to visit me on a regular basis! I love seeing how the children progress from year to year. This is one of the special advantages of being included within the public school!

As the Grade 4 children were walking down the hall with their own winter things in hand, they would run up to me to share what they worked on that day. This particular day everyone was carrying a string. An instant flash back happened for me in that moment! I was suddenly transported to my backyard playing Cats Cradle with my best friend. I watched these children struggle with the finger placement, each telling me they weren’t quite sure of all the steps. I volunteered to show them. I quickly maneuvered the string around my fingers and held it open for the children to play. I remember which child had difficulties with fine motor movement when they were in my class, and marvelled at how deftly they were able to play. I was so proud of them in that moment, seeing how far they had come in the few years I had known them. Playing Cats Cradle is about complicated finger moves. moving your hands correctly to achieve the next level.

I commented to the child how impressed I was with their skill! I was rewarded with a huge glowing smile, I am sure they remember the hours we worked together to building hand strength and learning to manipulate Lego in such a way that drawing, cutting and now Cats Cradle came easily to them. ABC Head Starts provides services for children they might not other wise get until they are much older. Having access to Occupational therapy and Speech & Language services AND the equipment that enhances these services can make all the difference to a child before entering Kindergarten. It makes a lasting impact on their abilities. There is nothing more exciting for the staff at ABC Head Start to see the progress a child makes during the year and in years to come.

By supporting fundraising events like Scarecrow Festival and Magic and Masquerade Gala, you are assisting the Staff at ABC Head Start to ensure the children can receive all the helping hands possible to have success in learning and in life. Consider Volunteering for the festival by contacting Brenda at or make an effort to attend the Festival October 12-14, 2012 at Northland’s Edmonton Expo Centre. It’s a family friendly event for children of all ages!

Now if you are interested in learning how to play Cat’s Cradle, I suggest checking out this page! If you are looking for stories to tell to your preschooler using the string I suggest giving this page a look! Playing with string is a great way to strengthen your hand muscles for fine motor activities, like colouring and cutting…so check it out and have fun!

Scarecrow Festival is a fun family-friendly Halloween event with proceeds benefiting ABC Head Start.